Stars pick idolized Marty Turco

LOS ANGELES -- Goalie Jack Campbell was clearly excited, even 30 minutes after he had originally heard his name called by the Dallas Stars.

Campbell, 18, said he wanted to play for Dallas and was hoping the Stars would grab him with the 11th pick.

"I wanted to go there and to see it slide down there, I was really thinking maybe it would happen," Campbell said. "I wasn't sure when they went to the podium, but when they called my name is was a complete shock and I was really pleased."

Campbell has been a Dallas fan for some time, thanks to Marty Turco.

"I watched Marty Turco growing up and loved the way he played," Campbell said.

Campbell said he's tried to emulate Turco's puck-handling style, even all the way down to the way he grips the stick. A reporter asked the Michigan native if there were any goalies on Detroit that he followed closely.

"Not really," Campbell said. "Just Turco."

Campbell also worked with Stars goalie coach Mike Valley last summer for three days.

"I learned a lot," Campbell said. "He was a great guy, a great asset for me to have this past season. We were talking about working the whole summer this year, so I'm really looking forward to going down there and spending some quality time on the ice and really developing my game."