Turco: Stars smart to pick Campbell

LOS ANGELES -- Marty Turco couldn't help but feel good for Jack Campbell, the young goalie the Stars drafted No. 11 and someone who idolizes Turco. The former Stars goalie, who is awaiting next week's free agency period to see where he might end up, see a lot of himself in Campbell.

"Except that he's bigger and has accomplished a lot more at a young age than I did," Turco said. "I got started late. But he has that inner confidence, which is something I cherish. I'm glad the Stars drafted him. Any team would be lucky to have him. I expect great things from him. With my era ending, picking him, it feels like things come full circle."

Campbell said he's emulated Turco for years, all the way down to how he grips the stick when playing the puck behind the net. Turco has met Campbell a few times and watched him at the World Junior Championships last year.

"I have no doubt he’ll really get it a lot earlier than most goaltenders and make a mark earlier than expected," Turco said. "He’s pumped and excited and there’s no doubt he should have been drafted as high as he was."

BTW, Turco added that he's waiting around to see what happens when free agency kicks in.

"It’s all about trying to win the Stanley Cup with whoever I end up with," Turco said. "The biggest part is wanting to be with a winner. I'm anxious to see what happens."