Trade deadline talk: Mike Modano

While the Stars were in Edmonton on Friday, the folks at the Edmonton Journal, asked Mike Modano about the possibility of a deal at the trade deadline. Modano's comment shows he isn't that interested in such an idea.

"What I've enjoyed is being with one team," Modano told the paper. "There's been tons of transition and turnover here, and we're still hanging around. That's been a real joy for me to see that from start to finish. It's been a fun ride, good, bad, tons of experiences. To go somewhere else and play for a month and a half ... I don't know if I want to do that. If I was at that point where I hadn't won (like Ray Bourque in Boston, going to Colorado), I'd seriously think about it, but ..."

The story speculates that an Eastern Conference team would have interest in Modano and lists the New Jersey Devils as one of those. It's understandable. While Modano's ice time isn't the same as it once was, he is still a solid faceoff guy and can make plays on the half-wall on the power play. But the more likely scenario is that Modano seriously ponders retirement at the end of the season and that he does so in a Stars jersey.

I just can't imagine Modano finishing his career someone else (it always makes me think of Emmitt Smith in an Arizona uniform).