Turco still in wait-and-see mode

Former Stars goalie Marty Turco, an unrestricted free agent, is still looking for an NHL team for next season. It's tough to figure out where he may land, but it appears it would be in a backup role and for a reduced salary (my bet before free agency began was that he'd get $1.5 million, but now I'm wondering if it will be that much).

Philadelphia's trade of Simon Gagne did open up some room under the salary cap. So maybe the Flyers will end up being an option for him. The Hockey News did a blog post in regards to the goalie situation and had this note on Turco.

If Chicago isn’t happy with an arbitration ruling on Niemi – say in excess of $3.5 million – would the cap-crunched Hawks walk away and make a pitch to UFA Marty Turco for a couple mil and the opportunity to win a Stanley Cup at 35? Maybe Theodore? In the meantime, Corey Crawford gets 20-25 games as backup and, who knows, maybe he becomes the next Niemi.

So we'll wait and see. I still believe Turco has the talent to help a team in this league. At 35, maybe he's a backup. But he's certainly a good one with playoff experience. He should land somewhere. It just seems like there aren't many spots left.

Where do you think Turco will play next season?