Did NHL make the right call on Fistric?

FRISCO -- I'll admit that I was a little surprised the NHL didn't suspend Stars defenseman Mark Fistric. The video doesn't look good as Fistric punches Eric Nystrom with Nystrom's helmet (Fistric took it off and it was still in his hands). I figured they'd go by the video (mainly) and at least suspend Fistric a game.

But right after it happened, Fistric was telling some Stars personnel that it was accidental. And Fistric is not the type of guy that would do that on purpose. He said it got caught on his hand and he didn't realize it was there until after he took a swing. I believe him.

Since Fistric was given a match penalty, he missed most of Wednesday's game. That's probably fair punishment, along with a fine, and the league agreed. I'm also sure the Stars made a convincing case as Joe Nieuwendyk was also on the conference call with Fistric.

Do you think the NHL made the right call?