What's the solution to the goaltending issue?

It's clear by the club's recent play that they aren't getting the type of goaltending they need to consistently win games. Alex Auld struggled on Tuesday night in a 4-0 loss to New Jersey. And Marty Turco was off his game in the Rangers' 5-2 win on Wednesday.

It isn't just limited to those two games, either. The goaltending has been inconsistent most of the season. In a bunched up Western Conference, good goaltending can separate teams. That's what the Stars need.

What can be done about it? Well, the Stars could try to trade Turco at the deadline. But I'm not sure they'll get anything in return that will solve the goaltending problem. And I really think the Turco that played well for most of his career is still in there somewhere. I keep thinking it's going to pop out at any moment, but it just hasn't yet. Does he need a change of scenery and a new team? Maybe so.

I think right now, the Stars have to ride Turco and hope he figures it out. They'll give him time to work with goalie coach Mike Valley and assistant coach Andy Moog and see if things don't get better. What choice do they have?

Would you trade Turco at the deadline? Would trading him make the Stars better in net?