There are really two trade deadlines

What makes this season unique is the two-week Olympic break and how it impacts the trade deadline. There are actually two deadlines. The first is Friday at 11 p.m. Dallas time. That's when a freeze goes into effect for the break. After that, things resume at 11 p.m. on Feb. 28.

Of course, just because teams can't make trades doesn't mean they can't talk. You've got a lot of GMs with two weeks to talk (and watch the Olympics, of course).

Stars general manager Joe Nieuwendyk may not be done dealing. He said on Sirius Radio on Wednesday that he doesn't want to carry three goaltenders, but would until "probably the trade deadline."

Certainly, Nieuwendyk would like to add a defenseman if the price is right. But he does have an interesting decision to make on Marty Turco. He could try to get something -- anything -- for Turco before he likely exits at the end of the season as an unrestricted free agent. But if he does that, he's turning things over to Kari Lehtonen now (and Lehtonen hasn't played an NHL game since last April) and Alex Auld.

What would you do? (As I said Wednesday, if I didn't get a great offer, I wouldn't just trade Turco to trade him. He will start tonight in Calgary and right now gives this team the best chance to win games.)