Stars progress report: Penalty kill

Our final progress report is the penalty kill. Check out the thoughts of Mark Stepneski of Andrew's Stars Page and Brandon Worley of Defending Big D below.

Trend: Down

One caveat: The penalty kill has been much better the last two weeks. It’s not a coincidence that the numbers are better during the same time frame that the most important penalty killer – the goalie – has played well.

But these are ratings based on the entire season. And for most of this season, the penalty kill has not been good. The Stars are 26th in the NHL in penalty-kill percentage at 77.3. That number is improved thanks to what they’ve done the last six games. The Stars have allowed two goals in their last 22 penalty-kill chances. And against Columbus, they never took a penalty.

Maybe it’s a sign that unit is getting better.

Andrew's Stars Page thoughts: Statistically the penalty kill hasn't been good. It's been up and down and it's ranked towards the bottom of the league most of the year. The good news is that it the Stars don't take a lot of penalties, so that's limited the damage. The penalty kill has been trending up lately and a lot of that has to do with the improved goaltending. They're tied for fifth in shorthanded goals with six and that's a plus. Trend: Down

Defending Big D's thoughts: It’s been good lately, but mainly because the Stars haven’t taken many penalties. It’s been a sore spot on this team all season long. Trend: Down

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