Brenden Morrow talks about Team Canada

He's the subject of this story on NHL.com, talking about how he's found his role. In fact, it's basically a Q&A with Morrow. A few of his thoughts:

Q: What were you thinking during those last few minutes as Slovakia tried to come all the way back?

Morrow: They threw everything at the net. They worked the puck down low and it got a little hairy there at the end. We would have liked to protect the puck a little bit better. But, it was do-or-die for them and you have to give them some credit because they had a lot of battle in them.

Q: Your line has been good for the past two games. What makes it work so well between you and Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry?

Morrow: I think that (our) line complements each other pretty well, grinding pucks low, cycles, strong on pucks. As long as we are not making those hope-for passes and are winning our one-on-ones, we are a pretty capable line.