A win makes the picture brighter

If you look at the standings this morning, the picture doesn't look all that rosy for the Dallas Stars. They are three points out of the final playoff spot with seven games to go and we all know how tough it is to make up ground in the NHL standings, especially this time of year. Those three point games and all and that recent trend of other teams in the race seldom losing.

But a win tonight in San Jose, where the Stars have had a lot of success over the years, and the picture gets brighter. Then they are one point out with six games remaining. That doesn't look so bad.

And there are six games remaining. Enough games to put together a good run to close out the season. Who gets in and who doesn't still may come down to who gets hot and who goes cold the last week-and-a-half of the season.

There's been talk among the players how much these last weeks of the season are like a playoff series. A loss can seem devastating, but the truth is there is another game to play and another chance to turn things around with a win. And when you do, things can look a lot brighter.

The Stars have a chance to do that tonight. But they've got to get the two points in San Jose.

A few tidbits on the Stars' success in San Jose over the years from Greg Ramirez of Stars PR:

  • San Jose is one of only two current opponents in the Western Conference where the Stars have a better all-time record on the road (by points percentage) than they do at home vs. that respective club (other is Phoenix/Winnipeg).

  • The Stars are 31-16-3 (.650) all-time on the road against San Jose.

  • The Stars have won four of their last five games in San Jose, compiling a 4-1-0 record in that span. All four victories have been by on goal, with Dallas earning a 3-2 win in each of the games.