Today's lineup vs. Blue Jays (and notes)

ARLINGTON -- Here's today's lineup against the Blue Jays. LHP C.J. Wilson is on the mound for the Rangers. David Murphy is in for Josh Hamilton, but Washington said that had nothing to do with Hamilton's four strikeouts on Wednesday, saying he planned to play Murphy today anyway. And while it's a lefty vs. lefty matchup in that case, he still wants Murphy to get some playing time. Garko gets a chance against a lefty and Washington wants to make sure he gets Garko in the flow since the club will face so many lefties in the division.

Teagarden, as we discussed in this story, will get more playing time now that Jarrod Saltalamacchia is going on the DL.

CF Julio Borbon

3B Michael Young

1B Ryan Garko

DH Vladimir Guerrero

RF Nelson Cruz

LF David Murphy

C Taylor Teagarden

2B Andres Blanco

SS Elvis Andrus