Paul Smith blows weight for second time for Ward fight

Paul Smith was badly overweight at Friday’s weigh-in for his nontitle fight against super middleweight world champion Andre Ward on Saturday night (BET, 10 ET) and was once again overweight at the Saturday morning weight check the camps agreed to.

The fight at Oracle Arena in Ward’s hometown of Oakland, California, will still go on but Smith embarrassed himself twice by failing to live up to his contract. While Ward weighed 171.8 pounds Friday, under the 172-pound contract limit, Smith was a whopping 176.4 and was fined 20 percent ($45,000) of his $225,000 purse by the California State Athletic Commission (half to Ward and half to the commission).

Then the camps worked out a deal under which Smith agreed to a Saturday morning weight check for which he would be fined $5,000 for every pound over 181 pounds.

Smith (35-5, 20 KOs) arrived at the 11 a.m. PT weight check and was 184.4 as he missed weight again and had to pay Ward $15,000.

Ward (27-0,14 KOs), whose purse is $2 million (plus the fine money), will be fighting for the first time in 19 months. He did not have to have his weight checked on Saturday.

So Smith’s purse, which began at $225,000, is down $165,000. He challenged Arthur Abraham for a super middleweight title in a rematch in February and weighed 165½ for the fight; he is now more than 20 pounds heavier and technically a cruiserweight.