Auction to feature Ali gems

When Hall of Fame trainer Angelo Dundee died in February at age 90, he left behind a wealth of memorabilia that he had collected during his storied career, mainly items from the careers of his two most famous fighters: Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Now Jim Dundee, Angelo's son, is putting the items up for sale through SCP Auctions. Jim said he plans to donate a portion of the auction's proceeds to the Muhammad Ali Foundation.

"Through the sale of this collection, I look forward to fulfilling my father's wish that necessary medical care be provided and funded for my sister, who suffers from multiple sclerosis," he said.

Some of the most significant items will be on display this week at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore. Because I don't live too far from there and I was planning to hit the show anyway, I'm hoping to get a good look at the pieces in the Dundee collection, which hit the auction block from Nov. 9 through Dec. 1 at www.scpauctions.com.

There are hundreds of items from Dundee's career in the auction, and some are really incredible. I can only imagine the huge money this auction will bring.

Items include the fight-worn gloves of Ali (then Cassius Clay) when he won the heavyweight championship for the first time, from Sonny Liston in 1964, and Ali's fight-worn gloves from his first legendary bout against Joe Frazier in 1971.

(So who wants to hook me up with several thousand dollars -- maybe millions -- so that I can buy them? I swear I'd wear the gloves and try to type one of my columns.)

"These gloves represent boxing's crown jewels and rank among the most significant sports memorabilia artifacts ever offered publicly," SCP Auctions managing director Dan Imler said in a statement announcing the auction. "Muhammad Ali is a cultural icon beloved throughout the world. These are the ultimate tools of Ali's trade from his most legendary bouts, used by him to forge his undisputed status as 'The Greatest of All Time.'"

Also in the auction:

• Ali's fight-worn gloves from several other bouts, including against Johnny Logan, George Chuvalo, Oscar Bonavena and Floyd Patterson.

• Leonard's fight-worn gloves from the 1980 "No Mas" fight against Roberto Duran.

• Various Ali training and fight-worn robes.

• Ali's 1963 boxing license.

• Ali's mouthpiece molds and fight-worn mouthpiece from his final fight, against Trevor Berbick.