Charr to undergo knee surgery

Former heavyweight title challenger Manuel Charr is due to have knee surgery Wednesday in Cologne, Germany to repair a torn meniscus.

Charr scored a second-round knockout of Yakup Saglam in Romania on Feb. 22 in a fight he said he went into with the knee injury.

"I was in pain and couldn't stand properly but I wanted to fight anyways," the 28-year-old Charr said. "Lots of fans recognized that I was overweight. That's because I could barely move in the last part of training camp. All I did was stand in front of the heavy bag and throw some combinations. I couldn't do any roadwork at all. Still, I wanted that fight because I am so focused on my big goal to become heavyweight champion of the world. And I won't be stopped on my way, not even by a serious injury."

In a September world title fight, Vitali Klitschko defended his belt by stopping Charr (23-1, 13 KOs), who was born in Lebanon and lives in Germany, in the fourth round due to a serious cut. Charr has won two fights since, including the fight with Saglam.

"In the end I won so it was worth taking the risk," Charr said of fighting with the injury. "Now I can undergo surgery and then prepare for my next fight. If everything goes well I might be back in regular training in three or fours weeks. But, of course, we have to see how the surgery goes first and then listen to what the doctors say."