Quillin after unification fight

Middleweight titlist “Kid Chocolate” Peter Quillin has looked quite impressive in his recent fights.

In his last three bouts combined, decisions against Winky Wright and Hassan N’Dam (to win a belt) and a seventh-round knockout of Fernando Guerrero on April 27, Quillin (29-0, 21 KOs) has scored 11 knockdowns. He dropped Wright once, N’Dam six times and Guerrero four times.

Now Quillin wants to unify the titles, even though it won’t be easy for those fights to be made.

"I want to fight one of the other champions,” Quillin said. “Sergio Martinez would be my first choice, but he's injured and out for the rest of the year. [Daniel] Geale is the IBF champion, and that, right now, looks like the easiest unification fight to make.”

Gennady Golovkin, who defends against Matthew Macklin on June 29, also holds a belt. But the reason that unification fight is unlikely is simple: Quillin is with Golden Boy Promotions, which has all its notable fights on Showtime at the moment. Martinez and Golovkin are HBO fighters, which makes either of those bouts nearly impossible to make. Geale, who is with promoter Gary Shaw, has no network allegiance in the United States. However, Shaw is close to HBO, and Showtime is doing business with Golden Boy only these days.

Still, Quillin wants people to know that he is ready, willing and able to unify 160-pound belts.

“We'll fight anybody in a unification or major fight,” said John Seip, who co-manages Quillin with Jim McDevitt. “Peter was awesome in his last fight. He really hurts his opponents with both hands. He connected on 50 percent of his power punches against Guerrero, and that's an astronomical number. Nobody in this division can handle him. It's a numbers game now. The promoters and networks have to put egos aside and give fans what they want with Peter in a major fight.

“You don't make big money winning the world title belt; you do retaining it, and now it's time for Peter to reap the fruit of his labor. The biggest market in boxing is in America, and a unification fight belongs here. Martinez is out with injuries, [Julio Cesar] Chavez [Jr.] won't fight us, Golovkin has a fight at the end of June, but Geale interests us.”