Khan: Kell Brook is 'a nobody'

Amir Khan has no interest in giving countryman Kell Brook a payday by agreeing to face him. David Becker/Getty Images

One of the most talked-about potential fights, in England anyway, is a showdown between countrymen Amir Khan, the former unified junior welterweight titlist, and welterweight contender Kell Brook.

But Khan (28-3, 19 KOs), who has heard the talk and listened to Brook trash-talk him, said forget about it. Khan said he is not interested and has bigger fish to fry. He is looking for a world title fight and/or a shot against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and doesn't plan to "waste his time" with Brook (29-0, 19 KOs).

I spoke to Khan on Monday and he said he has no interest in fighting Brook, who should have been challenging welterweight titlist Devon Alexander on Saturday night in Atlantic City, N.J., but pulled out for a second time because of a foot injury.

Khan will be at the card, but not in action. He'll be there to support his kid brother, bantamweight Haroon Khan, in his second professional fight.

"A lot of people want to see me fight Brook but when we put that fight to HBO and [later] Showtime, they weren't interested," Khan said. "So if they're not interested, I'm not interested."

But Khan said his lack of interest goes deeper than just simple television business. He said he has felt disrespected by Brook's constant insults whenever he is mentioned to him.

"I don't want to give him that payday," Khan said. "He talks so much crap. I might never give him the opportunity to fight me. He's not worth it. It's waste of time and it has gone further than personal. I don't even want to beat him up now. I just don't even want to step in the ring with him because I don't gain anything from it and I don't want to fill his pockets. If he wants to do it for free, fine. I'll beat him up and he doesn't have to get paid. But I got my own path and my own goals and I don't need to be wasting my time with him. He hasn't even accomplished anything. All he does is irritate me.

"He's a fellow countryman and keeps dissing me and has never shown me and support or respect. All he had to do is say, 'Amir Khan, he's a good fighter,' and maybe we can fight someday. His promoter, Eddie Hearn, is OK. I have no problem with Eddie but Kell Brook, all he does it talk bad about me. If he was respectful, maybe it could happen. But he just says nasty stuff. It's like he's desperate for the fight and the payday. He's just looking for the big payday I would bring him and I won't give it to him."

Khan said even if he was interested, nobody in the United States is, and that is where Khan primarily fights.

"Only in England would that fight make sense, but nobody in the States cares about that fight," Khan said. "They want to see me fight the big names over there, not a nobody like Kell Brook, who hasn't done anything. Let him win a world title or fight a top opponent. Right now he has not done anything whatsoever to shout about. And if I did [agree] to fight him maybe he'd pull out twice on me like he's done to Devon Alexander."