Wlodarczyk-Fragomeni III, anyone?

The trilogy nobody demanded is upon us as cruiserweight titlist Krzysztof Wlodarczyk (48-2-1, 34 KOs) of Poland is going to have to fight Italy's 43-year-old Giacobbe Fragomeni (30-3-2, 12 KOs), who briefly held a belt in late 2008 until mid-2009, for a third time. If the sides don't make a deal, a purse bid is scheduled for Aug. 2.

Wlodarczyk, coming off a very impressive eighth-round knockout of 2008 Russian Olympic gold medalist Rakhim Chakhkiev in a June 21 title defense in Moscow, was saddled with a heavily disputed draw against Fragomeni in a 2009 title fight and then dominated him in an eighth-round knockout victory to win the belt in 2010.