Pacquiao-Cotto II? No chance

ORLANDO, Fla. -- If Miguel Cotto defeats Delvin Rodriguez on Saturday night at the Amway Center in their junior middleweight bout, Cotto will have ended a two-fight losing streak and put himself back in the picture for another mega fight.

Potential fights like a showdown with Canelo Alvarez or rematches with Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Manny Pacquiao -- all of which would be huge pay-per-view events -- get mentioned often.

But the one with the least chance to happen is a rematch with Pacquiao, who stopped Cotto in the 12th round to win a welterweight title in 2009.

There are legitimate reasons why it almost certainly will never happen again. They have become friends, they are in different weight classes and they are now both trained by Freddie Roach, who will be working with Cotto for the first time in the Rodriguez fight.

“I talked to Manny about it a little bit because Manny asked me if he could watch Miguel work out, and I said ‘of course you can.’ So Manny came to watch,” Roach said of one his training sessions with Cotto. “They shook hands and they are friends. Manny and Miguel will never fight each other [again]. They have had their fight and it’s over. Miguel is a 154-pounder and Manny is 147. They are friends now, and once Manny becomes friends with someone he will never fight them. They won’t fight, and I guarantee you that.”

Cotto, who made weight comfortably for the Rodriguez fight, said he is never going back to welterweight, which would rule out a Pacquiao rematch, even if they weren’t pals and didn’t share Roach.

“I don’t look forward to fighting anyone at 147. I don’t think Manny is looking forward to fighting anyone at 154,” Cotto said. “I think we both have our own careers and that’s the way it will stay.”