Mayweather: Khan can get fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. made $105 million in the last 12 months, according to Forbes Magazine. Getty Images

Even though pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. has decided to fight fellow welterweight titlist Marcos Maidana on May 3, rather than the undeserving Amir Khan, Mayweather continued to taunt Khan on how he could get a fight with him.

Mayweather wrote on his Twitter account that if Khan could beat Adrien Broner -- one of Mayweather’s pals -- he would fight him.

“I don't have an easy fight on May 3, 2014, so I can't over look Maidana but Amir Khan, if you and Adrien Broner end up fighting each other on my show and you win (which you won’t), I'll fight you,” Mayweather wrote.

Mayweather is due back in action in September and if he beats Maidana, Khan could potentially be the opponent. But a bitter Khan, however, didn’t take the bait, tweeting, “FM is full of s---. Just like (his) 'my next opponent ' poll.”

Mayweather posted a poll on social media in which fans could vote for whom they preferred Mayweather fight on May 3. The only choices were Khan and Maidana. Khan won the vote on Mayweather’s poll, but he picked Maidana anyway. Maidana buried Khan on polls conducted by other outlets, including ESPN.com.

Rumors have swirled since Mayweather announced that he would fight Maidana last week that Khan, a former junior welterweight titleholder, and Broner, a former three-division titleholder who lost his welterweight title in a 12-round beatdown Dec. 14 to Maidana, would meet on the May 3 Showtime PPV undercard.

However, don’t count on it.

“[It’s] very unlikely,” Showtime Sports chief Stephen Espinoza told ESPN.com on Monday. “It's my understanding that Broner is going down to 140 and that Khan wants to fight at 147, so the weight classes don't match. Fighting at a catch weight doesn't help either of them in terms of adjusting to the new weight. It’s a good 'fantasy boxing' matchup, but it doesn’t fit with each guy’s objectives going forward.”