McAfee hit on Holliday catches Suh's eye

INDIANAPOLIS -- It was a rare sight, but one of the biggest hits of the Broncos-Colts primetime affair Sunday night may have come from Colts punter Pat McAfee.

McAfee, lit up the Twitter-verse with his tackle on Broncos returner Trindon Holliday just before the end of the first quarter Sunday night. Holliday had fumbled a punt just minutes before, the Colts had recovered on the Denver 11-yard line and took all of one play to score.

McAfee kicked off following the touchdown and Holliday, who has returned a kickoff and a punt for touchdowns already ready this season, took the ball 7 yards deep in the end zone and elected bring it out. The former NCAA 100 meters champion got loose up the Broncos sideline before McAfee leveled him after a 56-yard return.

Replays, however, showed McAfee made helmet-to-helmet contact on the hit, which would subject him to discipline if the league sees it the same way. It didn’t go un-noticed as the oft-fined Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh posted on his Twitter account: