Once more with feeling: Broncos like the two quarterbacks on their roster

Romo alternatives scary for Texans, Broncos (1:53)

Will Cain hopes the Texans and Broncos recognize the difference Tony Romo could bring to their teams when you examine which other quarterbacks are available. (1:53)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- This just in: Just like they were a week ago, the Denver Broncos are still happy with their two quarterbacks.

Yes, John Elway keeps saying it. Yes, Vance Joseph keeps saying it.

The opinions of the Broncos’ chief football decision-maker and coach should matter. Many people in the football world keep saying the Broncos are interested in Tony Romo while the Broncos keep saying they’re really interested in Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch.

“I think we feel good about where we are," Elway said succinctly this week.

With free agency having been open for almost a week, Romo is still with the Dallas Cowboys. Owner Jerry Jones seemingly hopes to trade Romo -- and an immense contract -- instead of simply cutting the quarterback with nothing in return except some memories and the dead money against the salary cap.

And with that, the Broncos have appeared in most stories about trading for Romo or signing Romo. The Broncos have looked at most of it with raised eyebrows because an awful lot of what's been written or said was news to them.

Siemian, for example, was in the Broncos complex in recent days getting treatment on his surgically repaired shoulder when the team was (falsely, Elway says) said to be shopping him to the New York Jets in a trade.

"I will just tell you this: There have been a lot of things out there that aren’t true as far as what is going on with our quarterbacks," Elway said. "That is what happens. Everything gets frothed up there. We just continue to go down our plan. That is to continue to stay open. When things come available, we look at them at that point in time."

The Broncos' plan is now is the same as it was when the offseason opened. They like Siemian, and the belief is if the Broncos can protect him better, he can win. They were two dropped passes from an 11-5 finish led by a battered Siemian playing without the benefit of any sort of run game.

And they like Lynch’s potential. But Lynch still has ground to cover. That isn’t a surprise to the Broncos, since they did plenty of research before they made him a first-round pick. Elway has said the last thing he wants to do is rush Lynch, no matter how many times the false premise is floated Lynch has to play now.

Lynch is under contract through 2020. And there's simply no compelling reason to put him in the lineup faster than, say, the way the Packers handled a young Aaron Rodgers.

"We’re comfortable with our two young guys," Joseph said this week. "We really are."

Joseph also called any pursuit of Romo "a non-issue" and added: "We've got two good, young quarterbacks that we’re happy about. We’re going to put our focus there."

But it keeps going because that’s the world we all live in. Teams say one thing all the time and do another. Coaches say they intend to be in their current job a long time and then take a new job the next day. Coaches are also given a vote of confidence and fired the next day.

And Elway won’t slam the door on Romo or any other potential move. If Romo were a free agent -- the Broncos aren't considering a trade for him and they say privately they’ve laughed at the idea -- and he would surrender most, or all, of the money in any potential contract if he got injured, or would play for mostly a pile of incentives, the Broncos would consider it.

Like they would consider any free agent.

"Nothing has changed since the combine," Elway said this week. "We're excited about the two guys that we have here. We feel like we’re in good shape there."

Maybe the story doesn’t end until Siemian or Lynch under center for the season opener and Romo is playing elsewhere or working as a television analyst. But give the Broncos credit. They haven't hidden their intentions. They keep saying what they're going to do, even if plenty of folks don’t believe them.