Beth Mowins, Vance Joseph and Anthony Lynn make Monday a historical night

DENVER -- As the Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers go about their business Monday night at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, there will be a significant slice of history along for the ride.

On the respective sidelines, Denver's Vance Joseph and Los Angeles' Anthony Lynn will be the first two African-American coaches to make their head-coaching debut in the same game. And in the network television booth overlooking the Broncos' sideline, ESPN's Beth Mowins will be the first woman in 30 years to handle play-by-play duties in an NFL regular-season game.

And while all involved understand the significance of the evening, they also hope they, in some way, help move things to the point where it won't even raise an eyebrow down the road.

"Certainly, I understand the moment," Mowins said. "But I most look forward to calling the game, talking about the Broncos and the Chargers. This is a job I have a lot of passion for. I love the preparation, love the people, and I look forward to it all."

"I think it means a lot for the league," Joseph said. "We're making strides towards it not being about your skin color. It's about your accomplishments and about your ability to coach a football team. With that being said, Monday night is about the two football teams playing a game, the Broncos versus the Chargers. That's my only concern, but obviously as a big-picture issue, it's definitely a special night."

Mowins, a fixture in a variety of play-by-play duties through the years in college football and basketball and the NCAA softball tournament, has said in many ways that she has "been preparing for this my whole life."

She has been paired with former Buffalo Bills and New York Jets coach Rex Ryan in the booth. Mowins and Ryan worked the Florida State spring game and two NFL preseason games for ESPN -- in a "second booth" -- in recent weeks. Mowins also spent time with both the Broncos and Chargers in training camp.

Since 2015, Mowins has also handled play-by-play duties for the Raiders preseason broadcasts. Mowins and Ryan were at the Broncos' suburban Denver complex on Saturday and met with Lynn and some Chargers players on Sunday.

"I'm just going to prepare like I always have for games, be ready for whatever the direction the game goes," Mowins said. "I've really tried to keep my focus on the game and doing the job and not to wrap my head around the bigger picture. Again, if a young woman or a young play-by-play announcer sees opportunity in this, that would be outstanding and I would be happy to discuss any of that. But I want to prepare and do the work because this is something I've always wanted to do."

Joseph, who is the first African-American head coach in the Broncos' history, said this past week that he and Lynn were former neighbors in Aurora, Colorado -- "the back of my house faced the back of his," Joseph said -- when Lynn was still on the Broncos' roster.

"It's obviously a special thing on a big picture," Joseph said. "...Hopefully in four and five years, it won't even be an issue. It would just be two coaches going at it, and may the best team win. But it is special at the moment."