Broncos plan to steer clear of Giants' turmoil

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Denver Broncos coach Vance Joseph's skills as an orator could well be tested this week if he attempts to present what has happened to the New York Giants as having no impact on the team the Giants will bring to Denver this weekend.

The Giants are 0-5, lost three wide receivers to injury for the season in their last game and have suspended one of their most experienced defensive players. Giants cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie -- a former Broncos player -- was suspended by the team after a reported confrontation with Giants coach Ben McAdoo.

Rodgers-Cromartie’s discipline is just the latest addition to the turmoil the Giants have faced this week as part of their difficult start. They put three wide receivers on injured reserve earlier in the week, including Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall, and a fourth receiver -- Sterling Shepard -- is a question mark for the game because of injury.

Asked during a conference call Wednesday if he had wondered what else could go wrong at any point, McAdoo abruptly said "No, that’s a loser’s mentality."

By contrast, the Broncos are coming off a bye week, are largely healthy and trying to stay in step with the Kansas City Chiefs, who lead the AFC West at 5-0. So, Joseph has essentially told the Broncos to worry about how they handle their own business this week.

"We don’t (address it), it’s really about our football team," Joseph said. “That’s been explained to our football team. Our only goal each week is to play our best game that we can play. That doesn’t change who we're playing or if they have issues, if they don’t have issues, doesn’t matter to us."

Many of the Broncos’ players found out about Rodgers-Cromartie’s suspension after they finished Wednesday’s practice. Quarterback Trevor Siemian said he heard about the suspension "about 30 seconds" before he was asked about it after the team’s workout.

The Giants’ injuries at receiver, however, will require at least some attention from the Broncos, as they try to figure out how New York’s offense will adjust. Tight end Evan Engram, who played some at receiver in this past Sunday's loss to the Chargers, and running back Shane Vereen are two Giants players who could be more involved in the passing game.

"We have to put ourselves in (Giants coach) Ben McAdoo’s shoes," Joseph said. “He’s got to use his resources, the tight end, the two backs... We have to put ourselves in his shoes and kind of figure out what his plan is going to be against our defense. It’s going to change some, but the foundation of what they’ve done for the last two months, that can’t change, but what’s next for him? We have to get ahead of that and have an answer."

The Broncos have not played since their Oct. 1 victory over the Oakland Raiders. Joseph called the Broncos' work Wednesday "our best Wednesday of the season," and players like Siemian and running back C.J. Anderson said they believe the Broncos would not let the Giants’ travails factor into their own preparation.

"If you don’t show up in this business every week, then you’re going to get your butt kicked," Anderson said.