Manning fires back at cold-weather critics

DENVER -- Sometimes even Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning will drop his guard a bit and let an honest-to-the-bone opinion fly.

And while he played it straight earlier this week when repeatedly asked if he was a different player in cold-weather games, Manning was, shall we say, slightly more expansive in a postgame interview for the Broncos’ flagship station KOA 850-AM.

Manning finished the Broncos' 51-28 victory with 397 yards passing and four touchdowns. Moments after the game was over, in response to a question about those who question his cold-weather play, Manning said:

“Whoever wrote that narrative can shove it where the sun don’t shine.’’

Earlier in the week Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase had raised his hackles as well when asked if Manning has gotten a bad rap for his cold-weather play.

“I’ve only been around him two years, but the thing that pisses me off more than anything is I don’t want anybody else as my quarterback,’’ Gase said Thursday. “I’m going to go in with him every Sunday. It’s a great feeling to have when you’ve got him back there, you know your chances of winning are pretty good. When you don’t have a guy like that, and I’ve been in that spot a lot, and that [expletive]. So I’ll take [Manning] any day of the week.’’