Trevathan's gaffe leads to missed milestone

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Not to beat a dead fumble or anything, but Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan's slight miscalculation of where the goal line was Thursday night cost the Broncos a tidy little piece of team history.

You may have heard, but they scored 49 points against the defending Super Bowl champs, on seven touchdown passes from Peyton Manning. Trevathan’s fourth-quarter interception, however, should have made it 56, with a Matt Prater extra point tacked on of course.

The boxscore will forever show that Trevathan returned the pick 29 yards before he fumbled’ through the end zone. As a result the Ravens got the ball at the 20-yard line without the added insult to the final score.

But had Trevathan not been so quick to celebrate, the Broncos would have scored the most points in a game in franchise history. It would have been only the second time the Broncos, a team that has been to six Super Bowls, had reached 50 points in a game.

The 1963 AFL Broncos scored 50 on San Diego.

“I told him, it’s your first touchdown, why would you want to drop the ball anyway?’’ said defensive tackle Derek Wolfe. “ … He knows you have to hang on to that ball next time.’’

And the dropped ball, and lost opportunity, keeps the 2013 Broncos tied with the 2010 and 2005 teams as the only ones to score 49 points in a game. But who knows? The season’s young.