Broncos ride the Super Bowl wave

JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- The Denver Broncos certainly needed their wits about them to handle their media obligations at Super Bowl XLVIII, but they also needed their sea legs.

That’s because the Broncos conducted the week’s media sessions aboard the Cornucopia Majesty, a 30,000 square foot Hoboken, N.J.-based ship docked behind the team’s hotel this week.

And for Wednesday's and Thursday's sessions in particular, there was plenty of motion as the ship rose and fell on the waves.

Cornerback Champ Bailey stepped away from the podium on Wednesday and asked “you feel that?"

And quarterback Peyton Manning offered; “Is this boat moving?" and a little later, in between questions, said “I wasn’t prepared for the rocking cruise ship."

Several players said they were uncomfortable on the bobbing vessel, with cornerback Quentin Jammer offering “I don’t like this at all."

It was somewhat reminiscent of Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta. An ice storm hit the city during the week of the league's championship game, and it was unseasonably cold for several consecutive days.

The St. Louis Rams conducted their interview sessions in a ballroom of their hotel while the Tennessee Titans conducted theirs in a large tent that had been erected in the parking lot outside the hotel. When the Titans did their arrival news conference, there was no heat and then coach Jeff Fisher wore an overcoat for his session.