Countdown to on the clock: Kyle Fuller

The home stretch is finally in sight as the, say it with me, May draft is just days away. And in the final countdown before everybody is really on the clock, it’s time to take a one-a-day look at some specific players who could find their way into the Broncos' draft class by the time the seven rounds come to a close.

Today: Virginia Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller.

It would take a highly wacky day, more than a few surprises and a remember-when run on another position, like say wide receiver, for Fuller to take an unlikely slide down to the Broncos in Thursday’s first round.

But this is a high-quality athlete with a great work ethic and a high football aptitude. In short, if he approaches his playing career as a pro as he has to this point, no position coach is ever going to wonder if Fuller has his head in the playbook or why he’s late to meeting after meeting. No, this guy is going to show up, get to work to improve and won't need any rookie hand-holding.

Oh, and he’s a bigger corner who could play outside and in the slot as a nickel. He’s 5-foot-11 ¾ and 190 pounds, ran a 4.49 40-yard dash at the combine and understands route concepts from the receivers across from him.

“I feel comfortable playing in the nickel, playing outside,’’ Fuller said. “I just want to be versatile.’’

Fuller also has a good idea of what it takes to compete as a pro. He has two brothers who have seen time on NFL rosters – Vincent and Corey – and a third brother, Kendall, who was a teammate this past season at Virginia Tech. Defensive coaches who have met with Kyle Fuller in recent weeks consistently referred to his football savvy and a demeanor that simply reflected his readiness to be a pro.

“I’m very competitive, especially with my brothers,’’ Fuller said. “That’s helped me to where I am now. We always want to be better than the next guy, each other, no matter how fast we are, the plays we make.’’

Fuller is a quality tackler as well and that separates him from some of the other top-tier athletes at the position on this draft board. It’s also why he may be gone 10 or so picks before the Broncos make their first selection.

But for a team that is searching for help at cornerback from this draft, Fuller fits a variety of jobs and would likely earn playing time from the moment he walked into the team’s complex.

He’s on the Broncos' wish list and most likely they’ll watch somebody else take him before they get their turn Thursday night. But the draft is a hope-for-the-best, prepare-for-the-worst affair and if some unexpected reason Fuller is still on the board when their pick rolls around, the Broncos shouldn’t hesitate to write his name on the card.