Lions offensive player thoughts vs. Jaguars

For the majority of Detroit's starters, the next time they'll see the field is on Monday Night Football next month. Their preseason work is over, and their roster spots secure.

Against Jacksonville, a lot of those starters got enough time to actually show where they are as well. Here are some thoughts on some of the Lions' players on offense against the Jaguars.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford: Had an interception where he stared down Calvin Johnson and didn’t see the defensive end dropping in coverage. Also had a defensive drop on a pass forced to Johnson. A defensive drop, at least from what I’m calling it, is a pass that should have been intercepted only to have a defender drop it. After the interception on the forced throw staredown, he looked a lot more comfortable in the pocket and in making decisions.

Running back Reggie Bush: Good speed, good understanding and hit the hole well. On his long run that was called back due to a Brandon Pettigrew hold, he probably wouldn’t have gotten there without that hold. On Bush’s 86-yard touchdown run, he had major help from blockers to create the hole -- more on this below -- but his speed was extremely impressive, and the Lions have to be happy to see he still has that.

Running back Mikel Leshoure: Had more decisiveness and push than in the previous two preseason games and actually ran fairly well when he got his shot with the starters. Still doesn’t feel like he’ll make the 53-man roster, but he had his best film of the preseason. His fumble in the second half didn’t help his roster chance, though.

Running back George Winn: Showed up on first-team special teams again and continued to run hard when he was given opportunities, but fumbling has to be a concern, and it could keep him off the 53-man roster. Ball security has always been a paramount quality for Jim Caldwell, and two fumbles in three preseason games has to raise eyebrows a bit. If I’m Winn and I don’t make this team, I’m looking heavily at those two fumbles because he’s done everything else well.

Wide receiver Calvin Johnson: Was in the slot a decent amount during his snaps and looked fine when he was running his routes. Needed to get on the field just to test everything in a game setting. Stafford tried to force throws to him, but Johnson looked like his typical self.

Wide receiver Ryan Broyles: He didn’t play with the starters at all from what I saw, but once again he found open spaces and made catches when he received his opportunity. It’s a tough position grouping at wide receiver, but this is the closest Broyles has looked to his college self, when he was an attractive prospect before three straight season-ending injuries. If he stays healthy, he could end up making some impact this season.

Right tackle Corey Hilliard: There were times it appeared he got beat by the end, but he also sealed quite well to open up holes for Bush and Joique Bell. His block inside helped spring Bush for his 86-yard touchdown run in the first quarter. Blocks from Eric Ebron, who appeared to take on two guys well and Kevin Ogletree on the outside gave Bush the hole, but Hilliard started it with the good push inside on the end.