Detroit Lions practice squad projection

With the latest 53-man roster prediction for the Detroit Lions, it is close enough to the regular season to also try to figure out what the practice squad might look like.

Here’s a rough guess of what could happen there.

Two practice squad exceptions:

Quarterback Kellen Moore: Moore qualifies based off the new exception in practice squad rules and should clear waivers to be available again. This allows Detroit to carry a third quarterback who knows the system while also not taking up a roster spot for someone who won’t play beyond extreme emergency. It also gives Moore one more year to show he can be a true NFL backup.

Cornerback Chris Greenwood: Like Moore, he fits the new exception and should he clear waivers, the Lions can stash him for an emergency situation as well. Greenwood was one of the toughest cuts for me to make to the 53-man roster, so if he is able to slip through waivers, Detroit should stash him again. This, once again, becomes a potential decision between Greenwood and Jonte Green.

Eight practice squad players:

Wide receiver Corey Fuller: This could be a dangerous cut for Detroit as Fuller could end up being picked up by another team as a back-end receiver. He has great speed, good height and is still learning the game. He’s a player who could also end up on Detroit’s 53-man roster.

Offensive tackle Cornelius Lucas: This spot will go to either Lucas or Michael Williams, as one likely won’t make the 53-man roster for the Lions. Both could be candidates to be scooped up by other teams if cut and since I have Williams on the 53-man roster, Lucas goes to the practice squad.

Cornerback Mohammed Seisay: He hasn’t played a ton during the preseason but showed well during practice. He is extremely raw for an NFL prospect but is worth developing for the Lions. He is a good special-teams player, so he can be called up in a pinch as well.

Fullback Chad Abram: Since he was signed by Detroit, he’s been tagged as a likely practice squad candidate this season so he can learn behind either Montell Owens, Jed Collins or both. He can also be an easy call-up if injuries hurt this position.

Running back George Winn: Should Winn clear waivers, he has done enough with the Lions during the preseason to earn a practice squad spot this year. He has a shot to end up on the 53-man roster and with the way the Lions will use running backs, it almost guarantees the team will carry one on the practice squad. Winn has done enough to at least be that guy.

Wide receiver Andrew Peacock: He has played well throughout the preseason and could be a roster candidate on other teams. On the Lions, though, the depth chart is too stacked for him to jump on the active roster. He is, though, a legitimate practice squad candidate as he continues to learn how to play in the league.

Defensive tackle Xavier Proctor: He blocked a kick against Jacksonville and his height and weight combination continue to make him an intriguing player. Considering the Lions’ defensive scheme, keeping a defensive lineman on the practice squad seems inevitable and he is the best of what Detroit has available.

Interior lineman Darren Keyton: Much like the defensive line, it would behoove the Lions to carry an interior lineman on the practice squad both for development and if there are injuries at the position late in a week. Provided Detroit keeps both Travis Swanson and Rodney Austin, Keyton nabs the last spot on the practice squad.

Other candidates: Linebacker Brandon Hepburn, offensive lineman Bryce Quigley.