Morning Roar: Kellen Moore's last stand?

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- This is beginning to enter a familiar area for Kellen Moore. Since the former Boise State quarterback entered the NFL, the final preseason game against Buffalo has typically been the Kellen Moore game for the Detroit Lions.

For the past two seasons, it has also been the final time he has taken a snap until the next preseason. Now in his third year, this is probably the same scenario for Moore. He'll play against the Bills, then he'll likely be sitting Sundays. The bigger question is where.

Moore is no lock to make the Lions under first-year head coach Jim Caldwell and whenever the coach has been asked about keeping two versus three quarterbacks, he has said it depends on the situation. He didn't want to give away what he was going to do, but considering Matthew Stafford and Dan Orlovsky appear to have the top two spaces locked up, it is a case of keeping Moore or cutting him loose.

"Every situation is absolutely different. Often times you find that long-held theories and beliefs don’t always hold true depending on the squad, so you’re looking at that," Caldwell said. "Sometimes, you have a player that you consider of more value to you at another spot that you’d like to keep.

"So, therefore maybe you take one less quarterback or you figure that there’s a quarterback that’s really been doing extremely well and we’d like to have him as our third and he can help us. So, you have to make a decision based on that."

What could influence Detroit's decision with Moore is the NFL's new practice squad rules. With the addition of two spots and the exemption where two practice squad players can have up to 32 games of experience, this leaves a spot on the squad possibly available for Moore.

If the Lions release him and he clears waivers, they could place him on the practice squad as an emergency quarterback -- essentially the same role he had his first two years in the league when he was on the 53-man roster. Or Detroit could keep him on the roster or release him with no intention of bringing him back.

If the Lions go with two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster, Caldwell said the Lions have contingency plans for emergency quarterbacks on the roster, but declined to say who they would be.

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