Question of the Week: Nicknamed jerseys?

Question of the Week is a new feature where we ask different Lions the same question on various topics -- some funny, some issue-based, some football-related and some completely off the wall. To suggest a potential question for QOTW, email michaelrothsteinespn@gmail.com or make the suggestion on Twitter @mikerothstein

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Football once had "He Hate Me."

Rod Smart put that name on the back of his jersey during his career in the now-defunct XFL and years later, it is still somewhat of a cultural milestone when it comes to sports.

And now, the NBA is considering having the Heat and Nets wear jerseys with nicknames on the back instead of their last names during a game this season.

So we went to some of the Lions and asked them the same question -- if you could put any name or nickname on the back of your jersey, what would you choose and why?

DT C.J. Mosley: "It’d be my nickname, 'Downs.’ It’s my nickname, man (pulls up shirt to show the tattoo of Downs.) Destroying Obstacles With Non-stop Success. My favorite rapper, man, his name is K-Rino and he’s a very intellectual guy. I’ve had this since college, the nickname. Why not, I mean, if that was an option. If that was an option, why not. The NBA is probably making it just fun and probably sell a few more jerseys doing that, limited edition nickname."

DE Devin Taylor: "‘Don’t Say Nothin’ It’s kind of a little mantra thing that’s also a nickname that I got when I was a freshman back in college. It fit, you know, as far as the kind of play and stuff like that that I portray, especially on the field."

Follow up question -- that’s almost like a taunt?

Taylor: "Nah, it’s more so being like a quiet player but still being a good player at the same time."

WR Kris Durham: "I would put my own last name. I wouldn’t go with a nickname. I kind of feel like, I have a few nicknames but it’s more so I would go by my last name because that’s who I represent. I represent the people in my family who came before me that made their name good. So that’s who I would want to honor with my play."

TE Michael Williams: " 'Big Man,' that’s been my nickname my whole life. No I wouldn’t (put that on the back of my jersey). Williams. It’s the family name. It’s more than you representing yourself out there. For me, it’s me representing my familly."

DE Israel Idonije: "I’ve had the same nickname since forever, 'Izzy' or ‘The I Train,’ it’d be one of those two. (He wouldn’t do it, though. He would stick with Idonije). That’s my name. And for me, football is such a man’s game. It’s a throwback game. It’s a tough game. Just by putting nicknames and all that stuff, it just kind of, to me, cheapens the game a little bit. When they had the league, the XFL and all that stuff, to me, it devalues what you’re trying to do. What the league is."

RB Theo Riddick: " 'Chronicles.' Put two-and-two together, man, you know. Chronicles of Riddick, you know. I think it’d be a hit if I was to do that. I think people might like that. It’s interesting. What’s the first thing you think of when you think about Chronicles? Right? Adds up."

Reporter: Or Narnia?

Riddick: "OK, that too. That, too. But there’s a 50-50 chance, you know. It’s an option."