Question of the Week: Entrance music

Question of the Week is a new feature where we ask different Lions the same question on various topics -- some funny, some issue-based, some football-related and some completely off the wall. To suggest a potential question for QOTW, email michaelrothsteinespn@gmail.com or make the suggestion on Twitter @mikerothstein

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- From movie themes to rap, from country music to Vanessa Carlton. Even a smattering of Phil Collins. And one guy -- all he wants is silence.

With the local baseball team, the Detroit Tigers, in the playoffs, this week’s Question of the Week centered around what songs the Lions would choose if they could pick their own pregame entrance music or walk-up music.

The answers, as you’ll see, were pretty diverse. (And, for the record, I’d pick "One Night," by Matthew Koma.)

DT Andre Fluellen: Ahh, man. Oh, man. My entrance music? Oh, man. I have no idea. I don’t know. I don’t even know, man. I feel like I would actually just have total silence. Everybody be quiet. That kind of thing. Total silence.

C Dominic Raiola: That Ric Flair song, Odyssey, "2001 Space Odyssey."

Reporter: Why? Because of Ric?

Raiola: Yeah, Nature Boy. There’s so much color behind it. A lot of imagination behind that song. It’s like the light shining on you, popping out of the smoke everywhere. Come out with a robe on, that’d be awesome.

DT C.J. Mosley: Man, I got too many, man. I got too many, man. Probably Pastor Troy, “We Ready.” You don’t know that.

Reporter: I can look it up. You saw my face, huh.

Mosley: Aside from the actual song, when Pastor Troy came out, he was relatively unknown. He was basically a nobody going against a giant at that time, who was Master P. You’ve heard of Master P?

Reporter: Yes, I know who Master P is.

Mosley: That’s exactly it. Master P was that guy and Pastor Troy was nobody and what he came with in their world, in the music world, "We Ready" is a hit, man. The ant ate the giant, man. That’s why.

WR Jeremy Ross: Um, I would say, I forget what the name of the song is called but it’s by OutKast. I think it’s called "Fresh" ... "Ain’t nobody fresher than me" or something. [Ed. note: It's called "So Fresh, So Clean."]

Reporter: I’ll find the lyrics.

Ross [singing]: “Ain’t nobody dope as me, I’m just so fresh so clean, so fresh and so clean, clean.”

RB Reggie Bush: Entrance music? I have no idea. I’ve never thought about that. Probably Phil Collins, "I can feel it." [Ed note: Bush likely means "In the Air Tonight," as those words are some of the main lyrics to the song.] I just love that song, man. Yeah.

Reporter: Phil Collins? You remember the first time you heard it?

Bush: No. I love that song. It’s played in literally every sports stadium.

LB Ashlee Palmer: What song would I pick? I’d pick a Bootsy song. I’d go Bootsy. Nah, just go Jay Z and Justin Timberlake "Holy Grail," man, I’d do that. I just like the song. It’s one of the songs I like and I wouldn’t mind coming out to it.

TE Joseph Fauria: Let me see. Hold on. Vanessa Carlton "(Walk) A Thousand Miles." Great, catchy song. Everyone knows it. Everyone would get into it. And I’d walk a thousand miles, as long as I get in the end zone.

TE Brandon Pettigrew: That’s a tough question. It would probably be a Drake song, man. Drake. Drake "All of The Lights," freestyle. I don’t know, it just gets you amped. It’s just a hype song. He’s got some other artists on there, got Big Sean on there. Lil' Wayne on there.

WR Kris Durham: Oh, man. We’ve joked around like what song and I’ve made fun, saying I’d have just funny stuff. I don’t know what I’d come out to. What comes to mind is the "Family Guy" "Peanut Butter Jelly Time."

Reporter: Why that?

Durham: I don’t know. That’s just what came to my head first. I would go with something country, though. I like country music. I have a good friend of mine that’s going up the charts, Cole Swindell. It’s called "Chillin' It" and I’m real chill and real calm so I’d probably go with his song. Just represent my guy.

Reporter: It’d give him some love, too.

Durham: He’s just now hitting the radio. He’s done a lot of good stuff, written songs sung by Luke Bryan and some other big guys. I’d definitely throw Cole some pub.

WR Ryan Broyles: For me? Dang, bro, that’s tough. I listen to music but I’m not religiously on music. If anything, my wife would be able to pick a good song for me. I’m not too musical.

Reporter: You realize I’m quoting you on this?

Broyles: Yeah, for sure. Yeah. She’s got better music tastes than I do. Let’s be real. I couldn’t even give you a song, man.