QOTW: What TV character would you be?

Question of the Week is a new feature where we ask different Lions the same question on various topics -- some funny, some issue-based, some football-related and some completely off the wall. To suggest a potential question for QOTW, email michaelrothsteinespn@gmail.com or make the suggestion on Twitter.

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- They ranged from a political boss based on a true-life character to a Friend to a car -- seriously, a car.

In this week’s Question of the Week, we asked various Detroit Lions if they could be any television character in history, who would they be? The answers may surprise you.

And we’ll start with an all-too-typical debate between rookie punter Sam Martin and rookie tight end Joseph Fauria, who have their lockers next to each other.

Martin: Jax Teller.

Fauria: My buddy is doubling him. A stuntman.

Martin: He’s just a G. I watch "Sons of Anarchy" so no one appreciates that but if you watch "Sons of Anarchy," you’ll know. It’s one of the few series that I actually watch.

Fauria: And "Entourage."

Martin: Oh actually yeah, gotta like Ari Gold.

Fauria (Yelling): Ari Gold!

Martin: Yeah, that’s tough. They are two completely different type of characters, so I’m allowed to like them both.

Reporter: Which would you want to be?

Martin: Probably Ari. I wouldn’t want to be Jax. Jax breaks the law.

Fauria: He’s reckless.

Martin: He’s a bad dude. So I’d be Ari. I don’t know if I’d want to be Ari, though.

Fauria: I’d want to be Vince (Chase).

Martin: Yeah, I’d be Vince.

Fauria: That’s the life I want.

Martin: I like Ari better, but I think Vince, I’d definitely want to be Vince.

Fauria: That lifestyle.

Martin: Yeah, bro. I’m going to go with that, too. It makes the most sense. Off the top of the head now. Short on time, otherwise I’d ponder a little harder.

Defensive end Israel Idonije: I don’t know. Any TV character in history, who would I be? I don’t even know. That’s a great question. Who was my favorite character as a kid. I’d be probably, one of my favorite characters, I might be Spiderman or something. I grew up watching Spiderman cartoons. Growing up as a kid, I always dressed up as Spiderman. So I’d be Spiderman. Or maybe KITT from "Knight Rider."

Reporter: Wait, you’d be a car?

Idonije: I’d be KITT. Just something fun. Yeah, that’d be my character.

Defensive end Willie Young: Bernie Mac from "Bernie Mac Show." That’s just my guy, man. From his show to comedy. Yeah. Don’t get me started, but yeah.

Cornerback Rashean Mathis: The Hulk. I grew up watching "The Hulk" when it was a TV show, an actual TV show. Always a fan of the Hulk, but he possesses a calm and a peace about himself that he really don’t want to go there. But when he goes there, he’s going there for a reason. It takes a lot to push his buttons, but when the Hulk turns into the Hulk, he means business. That’s me. It takes a lot to get me there, but if it was one character, I’d be the Hulk.

Long-snapper Don Muhlbach: I have a baby, man, I don’t watch TV.

Reporter: At one point in time you did. You were in college once.

Muhlbach: That was 10 years ago. What was on?

Reporter: "Seinfeld"? "Friends"?

Muhlbach: Joey was hilarious but you know what, I’d be Chandler. I’m a dry, sarcastic person. I like his sense of humor.

Tight end Dorin Dickerson: The Joker. I’m just infatuated with the Joker. I have a big tattoo on my arm over here of the Joker. The Heath Ledger joker.

Reporter: Well, that was a movie, not TV.

Dickerson: We gotta go with TV, huh. Stewie Griffin. He’s a baby but he’s not. People underestimate him all the time, look at him like, ‘Oh, that’s just a baby.’ And he’s crazy. A little messed up kid, just a funny character. I like him.

Wide receiver Kevin Ogletree: Nucky Thompson. I don’t know. I like Nucky, man. He holds it down. With everything going on, so many parts moving, corruption, he still finds a way to have a good heart and still be cold-blooded. So he’s got a good balance. I really like that show, "Boardwalk Empire," and I think he’s pretty cool.