Breaking down Fauria's touchdown dances

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Through the first half of his first NFL season, tight end Joseph Fauria has become a red zone force for the Detroit Lions. And when he scores touchdowns, he has some of the more entertaining dance celebrations in football.

He’s scored five times, more than any other rookie running back, wide receiver or tight end. After four of them, in exuberance, he danced. All were unique. All entertaining.

But the question is -- how is his form?

Fauria has gone from mimicking 'N Sync as a response to a challenge from Jimmy Fallon for charity to reenacting a Vine sensation and going back to dig through the classics with the cabbage patch.

And he’s taking suggestions at his Twitter handle @BigJoeFauria for potential future dances if he scores again. So far, he’s gotten a lot of them, including the Bernie, Macarena and twerking -- the last one he said he’d stay away from to avoid any potential fines.

“Yeah, I did,” Fauria said. “The whole social media thing, you guys obviously know I’m all about it, it’s cool to get people into that and stuff like that, interact with them and see what they want me to do.

“It’s fun. You guys know me, I like to have fun.”

Fauria maintains he will stay classy with his dances and he does them in the excitement of scoring touchdowns.

In the interest of trying to figure out how his quick dances would stack up in the real world of dancing, I reached out to former Chicago Luvabull Ashley Bond, who was also Miss Illinois USA 2009 and danced six years with the Luvabulls.

Bond, who now owns a personal training business called ‘Body By Bond,’ took the time to analyze Fauria’s moves for ESPN.com. You can follow Ashley on Twitter @bodybybond.

Dance No. 1:

The situation: Fauria scored his first NFL touchdown in the second half of his first regular-season game after a Reggie Bush touchdown run was overturned.

The dance: The Wobble

Fauria’s analysis: The Wobble was just spontaneous and it was fun. Great execution.

Bond’s analysis: He looks like he was going for a little Beyonce "Crazy in Love." He's shaking his hips, committing to his moves. All he was missing was the long hair flying around! He had some symmetry hitting the same move with the right and the left side. His execution is spot on. I like the effort, energy and enthusiasm in this TD dance. Although what was with the crazy face at the end? Too much for a performance. You don't want to scare people!

Dance No. 2:

The situation: This is his most well-known one. Fauria scored in the first half against Washington and, in response to a challenge from “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” from his skit with Justin Timberlake “The Evolution of End Zone Dancing,” performed the “Bye, Bye, Bye,” dance from ‘N Sync.

The dance: “Bye, Bye, Bye.”

Fauria’s analysis: The "Bye, Bye, Bye" was for a good cause, and that was awesome, too. That was great.

Bond’s analysis: He was clearly channeling Justin Timberlake. I have to say if the music was on he would be right on beat. He executed three bye hand motions just like the chorus "Bye, Bye, Bye" -- that takes some timing and skill. He also picks a move and commits to it. I wonder if he practices these ahead of time.

Dances 3 and 4:

The situation: On Fauria’s first touchdown, he clearly had a choreographed dance planned. On his second touchdown, he eschewed dancing for a windmill dunk over the crossbar. His third touchdown, he went old school.

The dances:

Touchdown No. 3 -- Gas pedal

Touchdown No. 4 -- Windmill dunk (not a dance)

Touchdown No. 5 -- Cabbage patch

Fauria’s analysis: The gas pedal, I rushed it a little bit. Wasn’t good. I could have done better with the execution. And then the second one, after three touchdowns, any dance will be good.

Bond’s analysis: Again, I feel like he went for a little Beyonce. Adding the arm, going around in a circle-he's got some coordination. I like how the third TD dance was a throwback. That's definitely a move from back in the day and every one loves a little retro action. He actually looks like he's practiced these.

Overall Fauria dance analysis: I'm actually quite impressed with all of these touchdown dances. It seems like he's watched music videos and actually practiced. I was thoroughly entertained by all of them, and happy to see a variety of dance moves. Overall what more can you can ask for? I give nine total. I'm gonna need to see something really impressive in the next few weeks to give him a 10, but I think he can do it.