Morning Roar: It's a bye, bye, bye

Good morning and ROOOAAARRR!!!!

There's a lot of roaring going on this morning, especially after Detroit's come-from-behind 31-30 win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday afternoon that did a lot of things.

First, it kept Detroit firmly in the NFC North race and in the NFC playoff picture. And while thoughts of that are still a few weeks away from fully forming, the Lions' victory against the Cowboys did a ton for the momentum of the team.

It kept it going -- and in the way Detroit won, it probably notched it up a little bit more as well.

"Whenever it comes down to the wire, we always feel like we are going to get it and when we don't, it's a big letdown," Lions left guard Rob Sims said. "Being able to get it done [Sunday] just affirms that we are who we think we are."

Who that is could be up for debate. Are they the team that struggled to score through three quarters on offense, committing four turnovers in the game as well. Or are they the bunch that rallied from 10 points down with a little under seven minutes remaining to win.

Or is this just a different team entirely.

"It gives us a lot of confidence that we battled and that we can come back and win games, tough games," cornerback Chris Houston said. "I believe that if this was last year or the year before, we probably would have lost. But we kind of got over that hump [Sunday], so now we know that we're battle-tested and we can overcome that."

That's the question that will continue to be looked at over the next two weeks as the Lions enjoy their bye week.

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