Calvin Johnson was close to more yards

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- A day after Calvin Johnson had the second-best single game performance of all time by a wide receiver -- 329 receiving yards -- Detroit coach Jim Schwartz thought he could have had more.


“That first third down of the game, he almost tipped the ball to himself, which would have been another circus, amazing catch,” Schwartz said. “With a guy like Calvin, you tend to look at that as a missed opportunity.

“Somebody else, you wouldn’t even think that. He’s a big play machine. When he’s covered, he’s still open.”

He wasn’t covered very well by Dallas on Sunday. He had 14 receptions on 16 targets -- and one of the missed receptions was a ball that actually hit his hands, was tipped up and then intercepted by the Cowboys.

Also, on the play Schwartz described, Johnson actually had his right hand hit the ball and he did try to tip it to himself as he was falling down, but was unable to.

“Honestly, when you look at the film, it sort of creeps up on ya,” Schwartz said. “You don’t really see it as being that kind of day because you just expect so many of those plays.

“The 87-yarder certainly takes a big chunk of that yardage but I think you look at it and he’d probably even say the same thing, that there were some other plays. He was real close to having more.”