QOTW: Best Halloween costume

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- When you're a kid and even now, when you're a grown-up, Halloween always seems to take hold of the creative parts of people all across America.

The Detroit Lions locker room is no different.

While the Lions are off this week, we caught up with them before they took off on their bye to discuss some of the best Halloween costumes Lions players and coaches ever wore (for me, it was probably a wrestler when I was young...hopefully all pictures have been burned).

And we'll start with a walk through the superhero neighborhood in California.

Right guard Larry Warford: The first Halloween costume I can remember, I was Wolverine. It was boss. That's the only one I remember. This is when I was 5 or 6. I was still skinny. I remember that distinctly because I remember walking down the street and kids were like, 'Hey, Wolverine,' and then I was like, ‘What's up, Hulk? How you doing?'

Reporter: Where was this?

Warford: It was in California, when I lived near Sacramento.

Reporter: Did you go with a bunch of friends?

Warford: I was with my mom. So we were just walking down the street and kids would be passing us and they'd be all superheroes and stuff, all these cool things. Always be like, 'Hey man.'

Tight end Joseph Fauria: I've had some good ones. Just last year, I wore a sumo outfit and I think Halloween was on a Wednesday last year. I wore it to meetings and all of class and everything.

Reporter: Please tell me you wore it in front of the media.

Fauria: We didn't have media here like there. But yeah, I wore a sumo outfit all day last year. Class and meetings, yeah. Wait until you see what [Sam Martin and Fauria] have planned for Monday.

Reporter: You're doing Halloween costumes together?

Punter Sam Martin: Yeah, and it's going to be epic. Now that's something you could write about.

Fauria: That should go on the ESPN blog.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford: I was grown up Mario a couple years ago. Yeah, that was probably one of my better ones. We had a group of six and we went as all Mario Brothers characters. It was a really good one.

Defensive backs coach Marcus Robertson: Oh man, I don't know. I might have been Batman or something like that. That might have been my favorite one. That's the one I remember.

Reporter: The tights and everything?

Robertson: Yeah, I had the whole hookup. I didn't have a whole lot growing up but I had that costume but I think that was the best one, Batman. I was like 7 or 8 years old.

Tight end Brandon Pettigrew: As a kid? You know what, I don't even remember. I did little stuff in college, just went as like a sleepover dude, like sleeping pants and a tie. I want to say a Ninja Turtle, though. I was young. I was Donatello. I like purple.

Wide receiver Kris Durham: When I was young, I used to dress up as a Power Ranger, because I was a big Power Ranger fan.

Reporter: Which one?

Durham: The red one. That was probably the best one that I had. I went all out for it. My grandmother was kind of a seamstress so I had the full mask. I looked good. ... I wore a pretty solid Peter Pan one when I was young, too.

Reporter: Why?

Durham: That's because my sister wanted to be Disney characters, so I went as Peter Pan. My sister picked out what I was supposed to wear, but it was pretty solid. I had green tights on, the feather in the hat, everything. I was good.

Martin: I was Bret Michaels one year and it was perfect. I had the hair. It was my sophomore or junior year in college, no, freshman year. I got the wig and I had this chick do the wig up exactly how he wore it, braided in the front and everything. Headband. Drew his exact tattoos on me. It was awesome. Wore eye makeup. It was like the best, not because of the idea but because of how good it was.