Morning Roar: Back to even in the division

Good morning and ROOOOAAARRR!!!!!

So remember when Monday we mentioned the Lions, if the playoffs started then, wouldn't be in the postseason? Well, if the playoffs started Tuesday morning, the Lions would both be in and hosting a playoff game.

That's how tied up the NFC North is.

Detroit, Chicago and Green Bay are all tied at the top of the division at 5-3 -- the only division in the NFL with three teams with records better than .500 -- and by virtue of tiebreakers, the Lions would be the No. 3 seed this morning.

But that also places added importance on Sunday's game against Chicago. With Carolina hanging around in the South and Arizona still in the wild-card race in the West, every game the rest of the way becomes critical. That it is the Bears and a divisional game is even more important.

A win for the Lions on Sunday gives them the tiebreaker over the Bears no matter what happens because they would have swept them. So just something to keep an eye on this week.

The good news for Detroit -- the Lions aren't nearly as beat up as the other two teams. Aaron Rodgers injured his left shoulder Monday night. Jay Cutler missed Monday's game against Green Bay with an injured groin, but is going to try to play Sunday against Detroit.

So welcome to what could be a wild second half.

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