Ten(ish) Questions with... LB Whitehead

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- While some players went to Disneyland or back home during their off weeks, Detroit Lions linebacker Tahir Whitehead did something entirely different.

He went on his honeymoon.

Whitehead got married earlier this season to his new bride, Shannon, and discussed his proposal and how he met his wife when he was a college student at Temple in this week's "Ten(ish) Questions With..."

When you have your honeymoon on your bye week, that has to be different than most people, how did that come about?

Tahir Whitehead: It was really planning. We wanted to get married prior to the bye week so when the bye week came, we just go away and do something with each other basically. We went on our honeymoon in the middle of the season, so it worked out pretty good.

Most people don’t go on their honeymoon in the middle of the season.

TW: Most people aren’t in the position I’m in. Most people, you know, they don’t have a bye week so that’s when we timed it up. That’s what we wanted to do and it worked out that way.

How’d you meet your wife?

TW: I met her when I was in college. I actually met her when I was home on break when I was at a high school basketball game with my little cousin.

Where was that?

TW: It was in New Jersey. She was watching her little brother and I came to see my cousin and we kicked things off from there.

So did you just go up to her and say "hi"?

TW: My family was friends with her family and I kept going to the games because I liked her secretly without her knowing and eventually we ended up speaking to each other and started off as friends and then we started dating and things have been wonderful ever since.

How long ago was that?

TW: That was my junior year of college.

So how long did you go from seeing her to actually talking? What was the timeframe? You liked her but didn’t say anything.

TW: Oh, it was when I was home during the winter break from college. It was the month I was home so I went to about three games in three weeks and during that third week, I was actually about to leave and go back to school and, you know, she actually said something to me.

So she came up to you?

TW: I can’t even say she did that. I was trying to get her attention cause I knew I was going back to school and I’m like, "I’ll probably never see her again," so I had to make the move.

How’d you do it?

TW: I was walking out and then I saw her walking by the concession stand and was like, "Excuse me, can I have a minute?"

That was your line?

TW: Yeah, I try to be respectful. I was respectful when I did it and it was probably one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

What high school was it at?

TW: Seton Hall Prep.

You never thought you’d see her again. When did you realize you’d see her again, propose to her and marry her?

TW: Never thought at that point in time that that would be the woman that I married. I watched her through the course of the weeks, knew I liked her and saw that she was different from the other girls I had previously dated and it was just that spark.

How’d you propose?

TW: I proposed this past offseason when I was training. She came down from school because she stayed out here and came and visited me and we went to a restaurant and she was actually about to come back out here. It was her birthday weekend and I told her to look out the window because she had been wanting to see the White House. So she looked across and as she was looking across, I slid down on one knee and then she turned around.

That’s pretty slick.

TW: Then I proposed. It was all me.

Where did you get married?

TW: Here, at the courthouse. Had a few guys, Rob Sims, Nick Fairley, they were there for the big moment. Right in the comfort of our home and went away to the Dominican Republic.

So that must have been a nice break.

TW: Yeah. Pretty nice.