Detroit Lions make small changes to team font and logo

The Lions made small shifts to their logo and font of the franchise name. Courtesy of Detroit Lions

The change is small, but in the world of logos and how a team displays itself, it’s noticeable.

The Detroit Lions made small shifts in their logo and font of the franchise name Wednesday morning, changing it on both their Twitter accounts and on the team’s website. It is the first part of a larger revamping of the Lions "brand," including new uniforms that will be unveiled April 13.

"The updated logo and new typeface revealed online this morning are elements of a full rebranding which includes the removal of black from our brand identity," the Lions released in a team statement Wednesday afternoon. "The rebrand will culminate with the unveiling of all new uniforms on April 13. Throughout the rebranding process, we made it a priority to emphasize our classic color combination of Honolulu blue and silver, which has been synonymous with the Detroit Lions since 1934. We are confident that our fans will respond well to the changes."

Out is the black outline of the Lion. In is a softer silver outline, somewhat fitting with the team’s color scheme. Also out is the old font for “Detroit Lions,” taking the accentuation off of the “L” at the beginning of the team nickname and moving it to the “S” at the end of the name.

The actual font has also changed, giving it a sleeker, cleaner look than what the franchise had before. The Lions also made clear the franchise has a new look in their online team shop, as they began hawking sweatshirts and T-shirts with the logo and font changes Wednesday morning.