Lions president Rod Wood aims for Detroit to host another Super Bowl

Could Detroit host another Super Bowl in the future?

It’s not likely, but Detroit Lions team president Rod Wood is going to try. That’s what he told reporters during the league’s annual meetings in Arizona on Tuesday night, when he said the franchise will put together bids for both the next round of Super Bowls and the next available NFL draft.

"I did submit to the league an interest in bidding on the next round, so they know we're interested," Wood told reporters, according to MLive. "I also submitted an interest in bidding on the next draft, whenever that is going to be decided."

Those are two of the league’s marquee events, but in reality only the draft would seem like a potential realistic option for the Lions. The Super Bowl came to Detroit soon after Ford Field opened in 2002, but typically the league’s title game goes to warm weather cities or cities that have just opened new stadiums -- like Minnesota’s U.S. Bank Stadium, which will host next season’s game.

While the Lions are putting in almost $100 million in renovations to Ford Field, which should give it an upgraded look, it’s not a new building. Playing a Super Bowl in a cold weather city, even if the game will be indoors, isn’t always palatable for fans. It’s just a hard sell for the Lions, even as the city continues to make improvements to infrastructure and the continued addition of new restaurants and nightlife.

The draft, though, is something much more reasonable.

The weather should be good in late April. Detroit has a major international airport less than a half-hour from downtown. The Fox Theatre is an iconic venue that would add some history to the event and is close enough to Ford Field, Comerica Park and the new Little Caesars Arena for other events during the week.

It’s also within driving distance for multiple NFL cities if fans wanted to make the trip: Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Chicago. There are also four universities within a few hours that have a history of high draft picks if those fans wanted to attend: Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame.

This could make Detroit an enticing option for the draft. It’s just something that would be much harder to believe for a future Super Bowl.