Calvin Johnson makes comeback as Megatron ... in a 'Transformers' ad

There's no question Calvin Johnson is retired. The record-setting wide receiver has made that clear over and over and over again. But the name Megatron? That lives on for the former Detroit Lions wide receiver.

It's still his Instagram handle and recently, he took to playing Calvin Johnson-as-Megatron in an ad for what else? "Transformers."

Johnson posted a 30-second spot promoting the new Transformers movie, "Transformers: The Last Knight," on Wednesday night and it's pretty funny.

The premise of the ad is Optimus Prime following Johnson everywhere he goes, taunting him, not allowing him to place an order at a fast-food restaurant and telling Johnson he has "no allies" when he shows up at what appears to be a friend's apartment.

It's just the latest retirement endeavor for the 31-year-old Johnson, who is still helping to run his foundation, working as a consultant for teams and individual football players and considering going back to Georgia Tech to finish his degree. He also recently celebrated his first wedding anniversary.

Johnson has been known as Megatron since his rookie season, when Roy Williams gave him the nickname because "he's a big, strong, physical, fast guy," according to an MLive story. The nickname stuck and became something Johnson embraced.

In the "Transformers" movies and comic books, Megatron is the leader of the evil Decepticons and rival of Optimus Prime.