Bush's bold declaration may be unrealistic

Reggie Bush has taken a vow of protection -- for when he’s carrying the football at least.

And it is an honorable declaration, saying that he won’t fumble again after losing two fumbles in the past three games, but it is also a dangerous decision. Fans remember these sorts of declarations, as does the media.

So he has now put more outside pressure on himself to make sure he holds on to the ball at every possible opportunity. Listen, there’s little doubt Bush has put immense pressure on himself not to fumble, especially after he maintains he was benched late against Pittsburgh for fumbling.

Here’s the issue.

Bush has fumbled 30 times in 100 games -- so once every three games. He’s right on pace with that this season as well, with three fumbles in nine games. The law of averages would say Bush has at least one more fumble in him this season.

Bush’s declaration makes for good reading and shows Bush is passionate about playing better and improving. But it’s just part of his game, whether it should be or not. Whether he wants it to be or not or whether he likes it or not.

So it’s an admirable statement from a player who is in his first season with his new team and one who probably sees Joique Bell potentially taking some of his carries if he can’t hold onto the ball.

So there needs to be recognition of who Reggie Bush is. He’s a dynamic, explosive player who can score almost any time he touches the ball, either rushing or receiving. He also is among the league leaders in fumbles since he entered the NFL in 2006. But with that net positive comes the potential negative.

Detroit knew this when it signed Bush, so although Bush means well by saying it, and it is certainly possible he can accomplish it, he might have set a goal for himself that just isn’t realistic.