How many 10-6 teams have missed playoffs -- and what happened next?

Woody says Stafford will be too much for Bengals (0:56)

The NFL Live crew agrees that the Bengals have packed it in and the Lions will dominate the Week 16 matchup. (0:56)

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Now, on to your questions.

This question has relevance because if the Lions win out and don’t make the playoffs, they would be a 10-6 team that doesn’t qualify for the postseason. In 2015, the New York Jets went 10-6 and missed the playoffs, losing a tiebreaker to Pittsburgh. In 2014, the Eagles went 10-6 but were behind the 11-5 Lions and 11-5 Cardinals for wild-card berths. In 2013, 10-6 Arizona finished third in the NFC West and missed the playoffs by a game. The 10-6 Bears lost a tiebreaker to Minnesota in 2012. The Giants and Bucs went 10-6 in 2010 and missed the playoffs, losing a tiebreaker with Green Bay. The 11-5 Patriots missed the playoffs in 2008, losing the tiebreaker to Baltimore. That was the season when Tom Brady suffered a season-ending injury in the first game of the season.

So it happens around once per season. Some of those teams continue their ascent in the following season, such the Patriots and Cardinals. Others struggle in seasons after, such as the Bears, Eagles and Jets. And it’s important to note that only one of those 10-win teams changed their coaches after missing the playoffs despite double-digit wins. That was the Bears, who have been poor since, with one 8-8 season and no more than six wins in a season over the past four years. They’ve also had two head coaches in that time: Marc Trestman, who replaced Lovie Smith, and John Fox, who is on the hot seat again.

Don, this is still the most prevalent conversation around the Lions these days and the answer is I just don’t know the odds. A lot, in my opinion, has to do with the last two games of the year. If Detroit wins out and makes the playoffs, I have a tough time seeing them getting rid of Caldwell. If Detroit wins out and misses the playoffs, the data above would hint that around the NFL, the head coach would remain. And there would be a lot of pressure on general manager Bob Quinn to ensure he makes the right hire because otherwise it could send the franchise into a tailspin. With less than 10 wins, it’s a pretty open question. But anyone who says at this moment they know what’s going to happen is probably just making a guess.

Ed, now that we’ve seen all of the uniforms on Lions players this season, I actually liked the Color Rush unis a bunch. Thought they were pretty sharp. I liked both those and the throwback jerseys the franchise wore on Thanksgiving more than the traditional home and away jerseys Detroit wears weekly.