QOTW: Favorite holiday

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- The Lions play Thursday on Thanksgiving Day, the official start to the holiday season.

With that in mind, we caught up with some Detroit Lions this week to discuss their favorite holidays and why.

CB Darius Slay: Christmas. Just cause I get a lot of gifts. I do a lot of receiving but then again, I give a lot out. I like giving out. I make sure my mom and them are all right with Christmas stuff. I used to do a lot of Christmas stuff but I like Christmas because I get stuff, too.


WR Kris Durham: Are we talking about real holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, all that stuff?

Reporter: Broad based. Someone told me the Feast of Trumpets.

Durham: I don’t know what that is, either. I like Christmas just cause the tradition of going to my grandparents and all of that stuff. I’ve been able to be home for 22 of ‘em. Not anymore. Just cause all the family comes around. Thanksgiving, people kind of split it up but Christmas usually ends up in the same place.

Reporter: They Skype you in these days?

Durham: No, they come up here and they’ll be here until the 23rd or 24th or so and then they’ll leave. So Christmas Day I’ll wake up and be like, ‘Merry Christmas.’ To myself. So I like Christmas. Then the second one would probably be St. Patrick’s Day, because it’s my birthday. It’s a great day. Everyone wears green for my birthday. Chicago dyes the river for me.


S Don Carey: It’s probably going to shock you. It’s probably going to be the Feast of Trumpets.

Reporter: The what?

Carey: It’s not an American holiday. You call it a Jewish holiday but it’s a Biblical holiday.

Reporter: I’m Jewish and I’ve never heard of this holiday.

Carey: You never heard of the seven feasts of the Lord? Biblically, the day where our Messiah comes. That’s the day the Messiah returns, man, that’s what we looking forward to. That’s what every believer is looking forward to, the day that their Lord returns.


K David Akers: Christmas. Just with my faith and where I am, for me, it kind of defines who I am as a person.

Reporter: Has it always been that way?

Akers: Just growing up through that way. But I’m a licensed minister so obviously it hits a little deeper in that aspect.


DL Xavier Proctor: I’d probably have to say Halloween or Thanksgiving. My birthday is the day after Halloween and Thanksgiving because it’s just great food. I love Halloween. I just like it because the day before my birthday or going into my birthday, everyone’s dressed up in celebration, so it’s pretty cool.


WR Jeremy Ross: Christmas. You get to give. Sometimes it’s cool when you get to give and see the reaction of people and how grateful people are when you can give.

Reporter: That’s a meaningful answer. I thought you’d say something about getting gifts.

Ross: Nah, I stopped getting gifts in high school. It’s been cool to give to my nephews and nieces and stuff like that, buy them stuff. Get to see them happy and have a good Christmas.