Morning Roar: Playoffs inching closer

Good Morning, welcome back from Thanksgiving and RRROOOAARRR!!!!

Four weeks from today, 12 teams will be starting to make preparations for the playoffs. Everyone else will be going home.

So far, the Detroit Lions are trending in the direction of being one of those six teams in the NFC able to play for something in January.

After dispatching Green Bay, 40-10, on Thursday, the Lions knew that if Minnesota beat Chicago, they would be in a pretty good position. And after some missed field goals and penalties in Minneapolis, that's exactly what happened in overtime.

Minnesota beat Chicago. The Lions now have a strong hold on the NFC North, up a game on the Bears in the standings and also holding the tiebreaker over Chicago if the teams ended up tied for the divisional title.

And if Detroit ends up winning the NFC North for the first time, the Lions would have their first home playoff game since 1993.

As we'll cover later Monday, there's still a ways to go for everything to happen for Detroit, but the Lions are in a good position for a playoff berth.

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