Morning Roar: Some stats on the Lions

Good morning and ROOOARRR!!!!

As Detroit hits the final quarter of the season, it is worth looking at where the Lions stand statistically in some areas this season (prior to Monday night's Seattle-New Orleans game).

It is worth noting, the Lions are in the Top 10 in 18 different offensive or special teams categories -- and would be No. 1 in the NFL in yards per game and first downs per game if not for Denver.

The Lions lead the NFL in four categories:

  • Sacks per passing attempt (3.0 percent)

  • Offensive goal-to-go efficiency (83.3 percent)

  • Third-down defense conversion rate (30.6 percent)

  • Defensive goal-to-go efficiency (47.1 percent)

The Lions struggle in these statistical areas:

  • Field goal percentage (75 percent; T-28)

  • Fourth down conversion rate (33.3 percent; T-26)

  • Kick return defense (26.52 yards a return; 30th)

  • Fourth down defense (75 percent, T-29)

  • Drop percentage (7.6 percent, T-31)

  • Drops (37, 32nd)

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