Lions appear to be sticking with Akers

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- On the same day he called the kicking game "a work in progress" and brought in even more kickers to take a look at, Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz didn't give David Akers a direct vote of confidence Tuesday.

Instead, he said he had confidence in the entire team, and listed Akers with reserve quarterbacks Shaun Hill and Kellen Moore, neither of whom would play a significant snap unless starter Matthew Stafford were injured.

"I'm confident in all 53 guys on our roster," Schwartz said. "That's why they are here, and all 53, if the opportunity went for them to go in a game, whether it's Akers, whether it's Shaun Hill, whether it's Kellen Moore, they are here because we have confidence they can go in and get the job done for us.

"I mean, they don't always, that's just life in the NFL when it comes to trying to be consistent and those things. But that wouldn't affect our judgement putting anybody out there to do their job on Sunday."

This is a minor change from Thursday, when Schwartz gave Akers a vote of confidence following Detroit's 40-10 win over Green Bay.

Over the past two days, the Lions have brought in a multitude of kickers, but Schwartz said the Lions did not sign any of them. He also said Akers, who missed a short field-goal try against Green Bay, is not injured. Akers has made 15 of 20 field-goal attempts this season. So brining in kickers, Schwartz said, is just part of what Detroit has been doing to evaluate players throughout the season.

Referring to Lions general manager Martin Mayhew, Schwartz said, "I think Martin's always been firm in saying that there's no finish line when it comes to your roster. And we have got to be ready for anything that comes up. What's gone on here in the last few days is no different than that."

Despite what Schwartz said, this is clearly looking around in case the team loses enough confidence in Akers and wants to make a switch. This is all happening the same week that Akers will return to Philadelphia, where he has played the majority of his career.