QOTW: Pregame or night before meal

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Food is often a popular topic among players. Meals are important, from what they put into their bodies throughout the week to having foods named after them at local restaurants.

And when they go on the road, what do they eat?

We spoke with some Detroit Lions players about what their pregame or night before the game meal was for this edition of Question of the Week.

C Dominic Raiola: Night before, burger. I call those free calories because we burn them off anyway. Pregame, chicken breast, an egg white omelet, that’s about it.

Reporter: Always done that?

Raiola: I used to eat steaks before games. Filets. But I started eating chicken breast. I don’t know. I think I did it one week and we kept winning. I’m superstitious like that.

WR Nate Burleson: I eat pretty much the same thing. It’s usually just a light breakfast. We’ll go with some eggs and bacon. Little bit of potatoes to hold me down. But really, I like being hungry at halftime.

Reporter: Why?

Burleson: When I’m full, I don’t feel like I’m fast. So that way I always eat a big meal after the game. Starving.

RB Theo Riddick: I don’t really have one. Night before I probably won’t eat that much and the day of, I won’t even eat. It all depends.

Reporter: Why?

Riddick: Just something I’ve always did since I was a kid. Just, I don’t know. It’s weird.

Reporter: You’d think you want energy.

Riddick: Yeah, I mean, it doesn’t affect me in any sense. I’m not really a morning person, don’t really eat breakfast.

S Glover Quin: Nah, I don’t do anything specific. I just eat. Not a real big eater before games. I don’t really eat that much.

RB Reggie Bush: I really don’t have one. Maybe steak and mashed potatoes. Night before.

Reporter: Same thing every time?

Bush: Usually varies. Depends on the hotel and how good the food is. Sometimes, they have bad food.

WR Kris Durham: Night before, always go with the spaghetti and like grilled chicken and some vegetables, whether it is broccoli or whatever.

Reporter: Always done that?

Durham: Yeah, in a similar way. It’s kind of the go-to for every football team. Kind of always the same general stuff.

LB Stephen Tulloch: Pasta. Always been.

Reporter: Anything specific?

Tulloch: Nah, man. Just eat pasta and meat sauce, brother.

Reporter: Start that in college?

Tulloch: High school man. Pre-game meal. Stuck with it all the way through. Be consistent.

LG Rob Sims: Usually a nice cheeseburger. We eat pasta away usually. Before it’s usually pancakes or waffles, something like that.

Returner Micheal Spurlock: I don’t have specific. Pretty much every meal across the board is going to be pasta, some type of steak or chicken. Pregame meal, our games are early so I have an omelet, a little spaghetti and broccoli and that’s about it.

Reporter: Omelet and spaghetti? How does your stomach feel after that?

Spurlock: My stomach is fine. Yeah. You have the omelet for breakfast and you need the carbs so you go from there. I don’t think it’s nothing specific you have. Just keep routine and go from there.

P Sam Martin: Night before it’s different, whatever they have. In the morning I’ll have steak and eggs there. They have that option, so I do two fried eggs and a steak. It’s a tiny steak. Maybe like a 6 ounce steak. I normally don’t even eat it all. I don’t have much of an appetite in the mornings. I’ll always get that plate. Sometimes I won’t eat any of it. I will eat some fruit, though.