Morning Roar: The story of Chuck Hughes

Good morning and ROOOOAAARRR!!!!!

It is a story almost 40 years old now, but one that still is as tough to read as it would be when it actually happened. It's one not often talked about, but it is one that is part of the legacy of the Detroit Lions.

This is the story of former Detroit Lions wide receiver Chuck Hughes, the only NFL player to die during a game.

Les Carpenter, in his last story for Yahoo!, traced back the story of Hughes from how he entered the league to the chilling moment when he collapsed.

"At the 15-yard line he locked eyes for a moment with legendary linebacker Dick Butkus, then his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he collapsed on the turf," Carpenter wrote. "For a moment many of the players thought he was faking an injury, a common practice in those days. But then Butkus waved wildly toward the benches."

This is just some brilliant work from Carpenter, who did meticulous research and reporting in this story.

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